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[Madphone’s App Introduction] Crystal Luck

水晶開運, 感情、事業、健康…專業教程教你如何利用水晶帶來好運連連.

水晶是自然界3000多種礦石中的一種,化學成分是二氧化矽,晶體透明、常呈六棱體狀。自古以來備受人類寵愛,世界各國均列入寶石行列。世界上很多國家都有水晶,比如:巴西、烏拉圭、美國、南非、贊比亞、俄羅斯、 中國、越南、巴基斯坦等等,其中巴西水晶最有名。



Crystal is one of 3,000 kinds of natural minerals. Its chemical composition is silicon dioxide. Crystal is clear and it often has hexagonal body shape.Humans have loved them since ancient times. There are many countries are produced crystals, included: Brazil, Uruguay, United States, South Africa, Zambia, Russia, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, etc., of which the most famous one is Brazil.

Crystal can be used “Ambilight”, “Clear”,”Dazzling”and other similar rhetoric to describe the highly dynamic. But the natural crystal is not only beautiful, but was sent to a variety of magic. In fact, Crystal’s principle is to increase the frequency of personal and payment information to receive more, so as to achieve the light of the universe and learn to promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, the body to health.

In this app, we will show you different kinds of crystals and their meaning. But the most important thing is teach you how to use the crystal to make you lucky.

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