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[Madphone’s App Introduction]Japanese Diet Book HD

繼《日本語潮字典HD》後又一力作!為您收集平時常見的100+個飲食日語詞彙, 包括放題, 特盛, 激安, 照燒, 定食等, 還附上平假名和圖文解釋, 並會進行長期更新。讓每位不認識日文的人士, 都能夠瞬間成為日文飲食潮人!現在進行特價促銷!, 由原價$7.99 to $4.99 快搶購翻個啦~

Japanese food is one of the famous cuisines in the world. A variety of that exquisite food is made from fresh vegetables and seafood, which could maintain its colors, and each of which is a type of delicate art. People could appreciate it when eating the Japanese food. And they are very popular in Hong Kong, and even Japanese has become the second common language in our life. Every time we go to the Japanese restaurant, we can see a lot of Japanese phrases, but how many of them we know? Its Chinese phrases’ meaning is the same with the Chinese? How could we know those phrases’ meaning which we are interesting in? And do you want to know more about those phrases? And do you want to tell their meaning to your boy or girl friends?
“Japanese food phrases” has collected hundreds of phrases in Japanese food, which can help you become a professor in Japanese food phrases.
It contains:
-Hundreds of common Japanese food phrases.
-Each phrase has its similarity pronunciation, Chinese meaning and some related pictures.


日式料理是當前世界上一個重要烹調流派, 它用鮮嫩的蔬菜和肥美的海鮮製成的各式各樣的精巧食品, 保持著原料天然的色彩, 每一款都像一件精巧的藝術品, 讓人久看不厭, 遲遲不忍動口, 深受人們的喜愛。而深受日本飲食潮流的影響, 現在日語已經成爲飲食界無可避免接觸的第二外語。,






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